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​Connecting with customers via Google maps is a new and exciting part of SEO due to recent algorithm updates which help recommend top-rated businesses to users. How many times have you searched for a restaurant, service repair shop, or another type of business using Google Maps?

Studies show that most users are likely to visit one of the first recommended businesses without conducting much further research. This is practical marketing at its finest.

The Best SEO Company in Asheville, Weken Digital, has been studying algorithms closely to establish strategies to boost businesses into those top rankings. Much of this is done through local keyword research, more specific than nationwide generic terms.

Take for example the term, ‘bookshop near me, or ‘coffee shop in San Diego.’ Google tracks the user’s location and recommends local businesses that best suit their search term. What is founded on? SEO, of course.

You’ll be surprised at the number of clients and customers you’re missing out on if your website hasn’t been optimized for local keyword research. While integrating local place names and geographical locations is a good start, a lot of it comes down to wide-ranging related keywords which cover every aspect of your market niche.

Our thorough optimization takes this emerging market into account. We’ll manage your keywords and create campaigns to boost your ranking on Google.

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Weken Digital uses only the best seo  company and advertising methods to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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