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At Weken Digital we develop concrete advertising strategy plans that use Google ads as a real marketing tool rather than an expensive sale-generating tool.

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You can pair Google ads with the launch of new products or services, create entire campaigns supported by your ads, and collect user data through the analytic tools.

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With our plan, you’ll see those promising short term gains changed into long-term success. Your marketing budget looks healthier, your business is booming, and you can continue to optimize your adverts with the information you collect from their performance data.

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Google ads work best when they come as a package - at Weken we offer every moving part of marketing solutions for an affordable price.

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Google Ads are the ideal tool to connect with brand new customers. They provide amazing visibility to a wide or very narrow audience with plenty of options to customize your target market. Google also provides some of the best data analysis servicing in the industry – the Adwords software is comprehensive and gives you fantastic insight into the performance of your ads.

However, Google ads shouldn’t be your end solution to generating sales. The cost for Google ads stacks up after a while, especially with the competitive bidding between companies vying for the top spot. It’s clear that adverts should be tested regularly and changed just as often.

Our google ads specialist utilize their expertise to draw customers directly to your website through well-placed search adverts. You would have seen them before while you were searching for your own products or services. Different competing businesses battle back and forth on top terms, but we make sure you are focusing on the terms which will make you the most sales.

Entering into Google ads without a solid plan can be a total money-sink. Because of the competitive bidding that takes place on top-ranking keywords, it’s often difficult to start out with those top keywords. We’ll help you develop an effective google ads management plan to save money in the long run.

Maximizing Google

Using The Largest Search Engine

Once your website is optimized, the landing pages are finished, and the content is selling your product wonderfully, it’s time to consider tapping into the valuable world of Google ads. Millions of people search for keywords on Google every day.

The top organic search rankings are determined by the SEO value of your website while Google ads are designed to target specific audiences on a search-by-search basis. Google Ads is a complex and competitive marketing technique but the one with the most potential return on your investment.

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