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Weken Digital offers services specific to your business needs. We specialize in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, and other mobile applications. Our tailored approach will help you effectively manage your social media marketing needs.


Weken Digital offers top-ranking SEO services to help your business get new leads and sales. Discover how our proven SEO methods can boost your website, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction.

No website, no sales. Get the right look for your brand with a professional website design from Weken Digital. From brand identity to eCommerce solutions, we can help you create a unique experience for your customer.

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What's Keeping Your Rank Where It Is?

Google cares about trust. Low trust sites are not trusted by Google and therefore will be penalized when it comes to relevancy. Sometimes this is referred to as low quality, spammy or thin content. The best way to avoid low trust content is by using the Google Webmaster Tools. This will alert you if someone flags your site for having low quality content. You can also check your rank in search results for any keywords you might want to rank for. The keyword rankings tab will show you where you rank for any given keyword, which is a good indicator of how much search traffic you might get for that keyword if it ranks high enough. A low trust score can occur when your site is hacked or your site doesn’t have any original or unique content. 

If you want to rank higher in google search page. You should think about the quality of your content and how it is related to the keyword you use. If you rank high for a keyword and your post contain low quality content or not useful for users. Google will probably lower your rank for this keyword in the future. So if you want to rank higher in google search page, make sure to create useful and high quality content to engage your readers and make them stay on your website longer. Make sure to add some internal link (anchor text) in your pages that lead back to one of your webpage that has more information about this subject.

Many people think that you can get away with buying poor quality backlinks. It is true that google does not penalize you for building backlinks to your website. However, the poor quality of these links will impact your rank on google. Poor quality backlinks are links that are built by spammers or are otherwise illegitimate in nature. These links are often found on low-quality websites, where the owners of the sites are willing to sell their links for a fee. This kind of link building practice is risky because it is very easy for google to detect. If you build these kinds of links to your site, then google will not be able to differentiate your site from the rest of the spammy sites out there because all of them have these kinds of links in common. This will cause you to lose ranking in organic search engine results pages.


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Weken Digital is the destination of choice for companies looking for digital agency expertise. Our focus is on providing superior service and high-performing digital campaigns that leverage our client’s marketing dollars efficiently and effectively.


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Weken Digital is a full service digital marketing agency in Atlanta, GA. We specialize in SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC advertising, and website design & development. We help small businesses grow through digital marketing.