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We are a team of digital marketing experts and SEO professionals, who act as consultants for various businesses around the world. We provide end-to-end services including website design, content strategy, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

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WeKen Digital, is an SEO and digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to build you a Google-friendly website design.
We cover everything from comprehensive search engine optimized keyword research, down to crafting the image of your company online.


Your website will likely be the first time your customer comes across your brand. It should be bold, useful, and appeal to your market niche.
Through a combination of SEO optimization, digital marketing advertising across Facebook and Google, and gorgeous website design, our marketing agency boosts your traffic 
We’re experienced when it comes to helping you start from the ground up or taking existing projects and improving them. Contact us to learn more about our services, or fill in the form for a free marketing audit.


To achieve good Google rankings you need a strong website design.
We have experience targeting markets here in Atlanta, Georgia, with localized search engine optimization while our larger projects extend across the entire United States.
Though keywords are important, we also take care of the technical aspects. Website speed, UX friendliness, and link-building are all important parts of our services.

Atlanta Web Development

Enhance Your Website to Boost Traffic

Your website is the first point of contact for the majority of your customers. Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or already have an established brick-and-mortar office, WEKEN Digital takes your Georgia business to the next level with professional website design.

Research from Microsoft Corp and Stanford University discusses the short attention span of customers browsing the internet. It’s as little as EIGHT seconds. Content needs to appeal immediately to your customer. You need the customer to stay on the page for as long as possible! The longer they spend on the page, the more valuable Google views your website.

To keep your customer on your website, you need an aesthetically-pleasing web design. It has to be bold, bright, and professional. A modern website for modern customers.

Time and time again we come across old and outdated websites – it’s not a huge expense to have your website transformed, and the rewards are massive.

The main focus of a sales-driven website is to drive conversions. Your customers arrive on your home page through search engine optimized organic search and Google advertising.

We want to transform that traffic into profit by leading your customers down a funnel of well-optimized and valuable landing pages.

A clean UX, plenty of bright imagery, and easy-to-read descriptions of your services and products are the essentials to generate return customers.

It’s a world of stiff competition out there – put your company in the position to win over the hearts and minds of your customers with our agency.

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SEO Optimization
SEO Company Atlanta, Georgia

Improve Your Google Rank


There are a variety of different methods that Google uses to determine which page ranks higher than another. At times, it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. There might be an essential yet tiny change needed to boost your website, or a huge content overhaul to bring your pages up to scratch. It’s also a constant competition between pages, moving up and down the first page of Google.

Websites with regularly updated content, valuable pages for customers, and plenty of optimized keywords, are the pages more likely to consistently hit those top 3 rank spots. That’s where the real value is. 

WeKen specializes in local keywords, which are designed to target people searching on Google for services and products in the local Georgia area. Customers search for your targeted keywords – such as ‘gardeners in GA’ – and are pushed towards your website first.  However, the same methods apply to keyword research across the country. Have you ever clicked through to the second page of Google? According to search and analytics experts, up to 92% of all traffic on Google is generated from the first page of websites.

It’s paramount to get your website onto the first ten rankings of Google, otherwise, customers will likely never come across your website at all. Business revenue can be massively improved if your website hits a top 3 ranking spot. This could be a paid advertisement on Google, a localized Google search for a small business, or organic, national-level search results.

Our marketing expertise combines all three to put your business in the best possible spot.

Content Marketing
Digital Marketing Services Atlanta

Business doesn’t stop, neither should your marketing.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is used by millions of people in the United States and they are all potential customers. Advertising is the fastest way to reach untapped markets and boost both traffic and conversions on your website.

With Facebook’s advertising system, you can attract a very specific range of customers with well-designed ad copy. You can target a certain age group, a group of people with a specific hobby, or even local communities which have all liked the same material on Facebook.

 This is the best way to establish your business as the number-one stop for a niche market or to attract new customers. appear complicated, but that’s why WEKEN Digital specializes in optimizing adverts for a range of companies. 

We arrange your ads to your specifications – tell us the audience, and we’ll build the advert portfolio. Once your adverts start bringing in traffic, we’ll clearly outline the impact it’s having on your website and the amount of traffic that converts to sales, and continue to tweak and modify the advertising bids to maximize your profits. It appears complicated, but that’s why WEKEN Digital specializes in optimizing adverts for a range of companies. We arrange your ads to your specifications – tell us the audience, and we’ll build the advert portfolio.

Once your adverts start bringing in traffic, we’ll clearly outline the impact it’s having on your website, the amount of traffic which converts to sales, and continue to tweak and modify the advertising bids to maximize your profits.

Optimized Google Ads

Google Ads, like Facebook Ads, require constant supervision. It’s as competitive as SEO optimization in many ways.

 Competitive companies try to outbid each other’s adverts and push theirs to the top.

Adverts on Google appear above the organic search results. Even with well-optimized pages for search, another business might still get more traffic from their advertisements than you do from your organic search alone. 

The ideal strategy is to combine both paid advertising with free search tactics to build an impressive brand presence on Google.

To build effective Google Ads, you need an advanced bidding strategy and strong ad copy. 

Our firm helps you to navigate the process, build efficient adverts, and drive consistent traffic to your website. We determine which are the most valuable terms to target and keep you in the loop throughout.

The process behind optimizing Google Ads requires plenty of A/B testing – we run one set of adverts against another, judging which one has proved to be the most profitable. 

Though this needs constant adjustment, we will have helped you establish a steady flow of traffic to your website. With traffic comes results.

SEO Services

Our marketing agency offers premium SEO services for Atlanta, Georgia.

SEO is one of the most important yet often overlooked aspects of running a business online.

Most business owners think they can build a website and traffic will automatically arrive on its digital doorstep. Not true. A strong presence on Google is priceless. 

For those who aren’t familiar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization.

 It’s a method of optimizing a website for Google’s search algorithms, a complicated network of crawling robots, and website rankings.

Google regularly checks millions of websites to rank their performance against each other. 

Although much of Google’s algorithms are kept secretive, keywords form the backbone of a well-optimized website.

Our team at WeKen Digital uses software to research, analyze and collect keywords which we use to boost traffic to your website. These keywords can be local or optimized for a national scale.

Each keyword is assessed for its potential. Low competition keywords with high conversion are the most valuable keywords. We’ll target these first. 

A growth plan is established by our team and you’ll be able to follow along as progress is made up the Google-ranking ladder.

Hitting the number one spot on Google can increase your traffic by the thousands – and this is free traffic that continues to roll in after the initial cost of establishing an SEO-optimized presence for your site. 

With more traffic comes greater results and exposure for your brand.

Search Engine Optimization is a competitive field. To outrank your competitors you’ll need content that impresses your customers and makes your company stick out from the rest. 

Plus, it can take several months for the impact of SEO to fully take effect.

That’s where our agency excels: a long-lasting relationship to guarantee the success of your business over many months. 


Why our Clients Choose Us

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Social Media Management Atlanta

We Make Social Media Work for You

We deliver authentic, outstanding, and affordable social media management services.

From planning strategies to optimizing your social media presence, we’ll do what it takes to grow your online brand. Our dedicated team of experts will run your full social media account, and ensure your plan is met and implemented as agreed throughout the duration of the campaign.

We can manage any channel, with any content, across any industry sector, in any location.

So stop scouring the internet for tips and tricks on how to do social media! Let us manage it for you. Pssssst…It could be the best business decision you make in your business.

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